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Confidentiality Agreement

DataRecoveryHDD.com complies with current legislation regarding the protection of personal data and privacy of individuals, specifically with reference to Habeas Data Law No. 25326 and Art. 43 of the Constitution. Our engineers at DataRecoveryHDD.com are happy to sign a "Confidentiality Agreement" when required, taking into account what is expressed within these laws.

ARTICLE 10º  -- (Duty of confidentiality)


  1. The party responsible and any persons involved in any stage of the processing of personal data are bound by professional secrecy regarding the same. Such obligation shall continue even after the end of their relationship with the owner of the file.
  2. The obligor may be relieved of the duty of secrecy by court order or when there are reasons concerning public security, national defense or public health.

"With regards to Recovered data DataRecoveryHDD.com takes the necessary steps so that it remains unchanged until the time of actual transfer to the Customer."


ARTICLE 9º  -- (Data Security)


  1. The controller or user data file must take appropriate technical and organizational measures necessary to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data, so as to avoid its adulteration, loss, unauthorised processing, and that detect intentional or unintentional information deviations, whether the risks arise from human conduct or the technical means used.

Secure Erasure of recovered data on our server.

"With prior client consent, DataRecoveryHDD.com mantains a standard period of 5 days to store a clients recovered data, after delivery of said data, on our server to preserve the retrieved information to the effect that the Customer has a reasonable time frame to verify the integrity and completeness of their data. After that time, DataRecoveryHDD.com permanently deletes the information from their servers; unless expressly requested otherwise by our Customer"


ARTICLE 25º  -- (Provision of computerized personal data services)


  1. When services processing personal data for third parties are provided, they may not be applied or used for a purpose other than that specified in the contract of services or be transferred to other people, not even for preservation.
  2. Once the contractual provision has been fulfilled the personal data must be destroyed, except with explicit authorization on behalf of whom such services were provided when is reasonable possibility of further orders, in which case it may be stored with adequte conditions in regards to security for a period of up to two years.

We understand that "privacy" is not only for the information, but also for the client.

The privacy policy at DataRecoveryHDD.com, establises the non-disclosure of any names and / or company names of our distinguished customers. It also advises our clients are free to control the risk of loss of precious information.

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