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Our Data Recovery Laboratory

  • Universal Software Utility

    Every brand and model of hard drive widens the spectrum of possibilities and challenges of Data Recovery. We take pride in servicing a vast variety of hard drives that exist on the market.

  • Especially Designed Hardware

    For reparation and data recovery as well as for preparing the hard drive to run its specialized software with greater efficiency.

  • System Software and Hardware

    RecuperoDatos.com has international support at the highest level including their own team of developers. Any doubts we have about the possibilities of working with a specific system are resolved quickly and efficiently.

  • 5 Continents - Headquarters

    We belong to a community that provides services to the same technology, which operates in 5 continents and is connected through a private network. We share our knowledge and draw on different experiences in this community based on mutual support.

Data Recovery and Digital Forensics Training Chip-Off Week 2019

This capacitation had a duration of 4 days and 8 hours per class, it take place in Varsovia - Poland - Europe where big expositions in data recovery chips (SD/MicroSD/Pendrive/Memory Stick/eMMC) and digital forensics where our engineers acquired vast knowledge in data recovery and digital forensics. We are the only lab in Argentina that went to this capacitation.

Asistence in the Ace Lab Tech Conference

Our engineers went to the Ace Lab Tech Conference in data recovery Las Vegas to learn and exchange knowleage with another labs wordwide. This event was supported by Ace Lab who show off their most new and advanced technology in recovery for all devices

We use tools made by ACE Lab, the only worldclass laboratory producing software to resolve logical and physical damage to Hard Drives.

This technology is the same technology used by Interpol, Governments and Departaments of Defence. We are the only worldclass Data Recovery Service, which has a certified laboratory, is run by engineers and the access to the most advanced technology worldwide.

We are the only Laboratory in Argentina to use tools by HDDSurgery

We use the best head replacement tools on the market for data recovery on our hard drive cases, which give us the highest success rate in the region. These are imported directly from HDDSurgery and we are currently the only laboratory in Argentina to have these tools.

We use tools by Rusolut which are specifically designed for the data recovery of memories (Pendrives, SD Memories, Micro SD, Tablets, Cellphones etc).

These are imported from Poland and implements technology that is in constant development, providing solutions for the recovery of memory data with physical and logical failures.

We have the international endorsement of America, Europe and Asia.

We have worldwide recognition. In the image, it is observed that we received devices from Japan, the German Police, the Military Army of Guatemala and Mexico.

We are the first Laboratory in Argentina to become a Seagate Partner

We are Seagate partners, the only Argentine data recovery laboratory to be partnered with Seagate

It is the constant effort of our electronic engineers together with our high standards of quality and success rate (more than 90%) that have achieved their recognition. We are the first Data Recovery Laboratory in the region to become a partner of one of the largest hard drive manufacturers in the world, we are a Seagate Partner.

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