Frequently Asked Question about Data Recovery -

Frequently Asked Questions - Data Recovery

1) How long does it take to recover data?
It depends on the severity of the problem, the type of service required and if spare parts are required from overseas. Generally it takes between 1 and 20 days.
2) What would be the cost of recovery data? 3) Is it always possible to recover lost data? 4) When are you unable to recover lost data? 5) My data is lost, what do I do? 6) After the data is recovered can I continue to use the hard drive? 7) How will my recovered data be returned to me? 8) Is there anything I can try to recover the data? 9) What should I do if my hard drive is making a "clicking" noise? 10) Do you have a clean room? Is it necessary? 11) How do I choose where to take my hard drive? 12) Why can I not use free data recovery programs from the internet? 13) Will you be able to recover ALL my data? 14) How do I send my hard drive? 15) ¿What are your confidentiality and privacy policy? 16) Is there a difference between a reparation service and a recovery service? 17) Is it possible to remove the drive´s platter(s) and read them with an universal reader? 18) I only want to recover my data, why do I need a donor drive? 19) Can I take my hard drive to various technicians to compare diagnosis's?

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