Encrypted files Data Recovery - You pay only if we recover the information!

Ransomware: Recovery of hacked files

What does the ransomware service consist of?

Did a hacker encrypted your company's data and can't recover your files? We understand your concerns, but we want you to know is that paying the kidnapper is not the best option, because it has many risks:

  1. No one can assures you that you will recover the information (hackers often trick their victims by collecting money but never returning the data)
  2. If you pay the ransom, you are solving the extortion, which is an illegal and criminal activity.

How we get the information back?

Our expert engineers will work with you to recover your data as quickly as possible. We are expert data recovery engineers, specialized in recovering files encrypted by ransomware. Our primary goal is to support you in your efforts to resume business operations after a ransomware attack. As there are not two ransomware cases equals, we work to be successful in recovering all kinds of ransomware cases.

How is the service paid?

You pay only if we can recover the information and you also pay only for the files you want to recover.

The good news!!!

We have a high degree of positive results in recovering encrypted files. Also, we make the process very simple: you pay nothing until we show you that we have recovered your data. Just send us an encrypted file and we'll show you that we've been able to decrypt it. No data, no fee!

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