Advice: Data Recovery from a Hard Drive -

Your following actions are critical

Do not continue to use the hard drive or attempt to repair it yourself. Evaluate the importance of your data and ASK YOURSELF:

Is it worth the risk of permanently losing everything?

A diagnosis to identify the problem is vital.

A correct diagnosis is indispensable for choosing the best strategy for a successful data recover. A bad diagnosis can elevate costs and cause irreparable damage. If the hard drive is already damaged, it is possible that there will not be a second chance to complete a diagnosis or recover the information.

Do not send your hard drive to inexperienced technicians nor permit the substitution or replacement of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

The majority of cases require a wide range of experience, a range of resources and specialised equipment to achieve a successful recovery. For example PCB replacement involves many risks (short circuits, damage to the firmware or heads, etc.) additionally circuit boards in modern devices are not interchangeable.

Do not use software from the internet to attempt a data recovery.

Damaged sectors and inaccessibility generally degrade performance and system tools (such as CHKDSK) can overwrite your information. Installing any program or working extensively on the hard drive can lead to further damage.

Do not under any circumstances allow the hard drive to be opened.

Any particle that is introduced into the hard drive may cause damage. Even a speck of dust or a fingerprint cause serious damage to the surface of the magnetic plates where your information is stored.

In many cases where the recovery of data is impossible, it is often because more damage was made in a recovery attempt than by the original injury itself.
Always consult with a qualified expert in data recovery before deciding what actions to take.

Do you want to know how to proceed? Contact us or download our general data recovery instructions.

What to know our 5 step process to recover your data? Contact us or visit our Process for Data recovery page to learn more now.


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do not continue to use the damaged hard drive


an opened hard drive may not be recovered


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