Data Recovery from broken Cellphones -

Data Recovery of Broken Cellphones acquired (from Poland and Russia) brand new kits for recovering data of smartphones, which allows us to work directly in the internal memory.

We extract the internal memory of the Smartphone, the device is disassembled, and its memory unwelded (for this reason, this method only applies to phones with physical damage that cannot be repaired). The internal memory is connected to special adapters and by a special hardware its content is extracted. When we extract the content (called “dump”) it is processed and decoded by one of our softwares (highly specialized – see image below), and then we obtain the information that was in the damaged smartphone.

Depending on the type and model of the phone, it will have a specific memory, which will determine the type of adapter (some of the adapters are shown in the image below) that is going to be used to connect that specific memory and so be able to extract the information stored in the memory of the damaged phone.

The extraction process of the internal memory tends to be, in most cases, destructive to the cellphone, as it's shown in the next image, some parts after being removed cannot be used again (note in the image the logo of the bin with the caption “Not reuseable after removal”). This means that once extracted, those pieces must be replaced by new ones.

Once the plaque that it’s in the internal memory is extracted (the component of the step A2).
You shall disassemble the memory, this is a delicate process that requires machine (like for Reballing) and specialized professionals, the memory should be disassembled carefully since it could break at any time. If it’s not welded with care (for example, if a lot of heat is applied) the memory could damage to the point of making your information irrecoverable.

We only recieve the internal memory, not the cellphone, which is why you should go to a specialized support (that count with a Reballing machine) for the brand and model of your phone and ask them to extract the memory. Once extracted and cleaned, you can bring it to us, or send it to our Lab.

Likewise, it’s only posible to extract the information of memories that we already have the adapter, the cellphone don’t encrypt completely its content (for example, iPhone 5, 6, 7, etc.) or from apps that don’t encrypt its content either (for example, WhatsApp).

Here’s a list of some models of supported smartphones: Mobistel Cynus E1; Microsoft Lumia 435 RM-1071; Alcatel One Touch Scribe 5 HD 8008D; Huawei Ascend G525; NGM Dynamic Fun; LG L65 D280n; Smart Sprint; Philips W732; Samsung Galaxy Fresh GT-S7390; HTC Desire 310 0PA2200; Alps E1901; Lenovo P780; Brondi Gladiator; Microsoft Lumia 540 Dual SIM; Alcatel One Touch M’Pop 5020D; Samsung Galaxy Pocket plus GT-S5301; Mobistel Cynus F3; LG L Fino D290n; HTC Desire 516 dual sim; Uhappy UP520; Alcatel One Touch Idol 6030D; Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330; HTC Desire 600 dual sim; Kazam Trooper 5.0; LG F60 D390N; Explay Indigo; Nokia Lumia 530 RM-1017; Vodafone Smart 3 975; Lenovo S930; Samsung Galaxy Star Plus GT-S7262; Prestigio MultiPhone 5044 Duo; Alcatel One Touch Pop C5 5036D; Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo GT-S5310, GT-S5312; HTC Desire 500 0P3Z112; Explay Hit; Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM RM-1019; Samsung Galaxy Pocket 2 SM-G110H; Sony Xperia E1 D2005; Star S9500; LG Optimus L5 II E460; Prestigio MultiPhone PSP5504 Duo; Samsung Galaxy Core Plus SM-G350; HTC Desire 700; Samsung Galaxy Trend2 ACE4Neo SM-G318H; Lenovo S820; HTC One X+; Philips I908; Lenovo Vibe X S960; LG Optimus 4X HD P880; Lenovo IdeaTab S6000H; Samsung Galaxy A3 A300F; A300FU; Sony Xperia E4g E2003; Acer Liquid Z520; Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 SM-G388F; myPhone Infinity; Samsung Galaxy Ace Style LTE SM-G357FZ; ZTE Blade X3 A452; Microsoft Lumia 650 RM-1152; Samsung Galaxy J5 J500FN; J500F; J500G; J500Y; J500M; Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime G530F, G530FZ, G530Y, G530H, G530FZ/DS, G531F; HTC Desire 530 2PST100; Mobistel Cynus F8; Coolpad Porto S CPLD-395; Lenovo K3 Note; Alcatel Pixi 3 (4) 4013x; ZTE Blade A452; and a lot more!

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