Process of Data Recovery from Hard Drives, Memories and More -

Data Recovery Process

Step 1: Phone Consultation

  • speaking on the phone to Data Recovery HDD

    •   Allows us to evaluate your specific case and give an estimate of the conditions surrounding your individual case.
    •   We can advise you about the method we will use, a time frame and estimated costs to recover your data.

Step 2: Receiving your Hard Drive.

Step 3: Free Initial diagnosis!

  • diagnosing a hard drive to recover the data

    •   Expert Engineers will conduct a diagnosis and determine the likelihood of recovering your information, the estimated time of completion and a final quote of the cost.
    •   The free diagnosis will be completed in 3-4 business days alternatively an express diagnosis can be completed within 24 hours for an extra cost.
    •   We will send you the diagnosis in writing.

Step 4: Recovering the Data

  • recovering lost data from a hard drive

    •   Our Engineers undertake any necessary reconstruction and/or emergency repair, reconfiguration and anything else needed for a successful recovery of your data.
    •   The file system (if possible) is reconstructed, the information is obtained and its functioning is verified.
    •   Depending on the severity of the problem, the type of service and if imported parts are needed, the data recovery can take between 1 and 20 days.

Step 5: Delivery of Recovered Data

  • delievering recovered data to the client

    •   Before payment is made, you will have access to your data to verify what has been recovered.
    •   Once we receive payment, we will deliver your recovered data in your preferred method.
    •   We save your data for 5 days.
    •   We advise this to prevent further incidents.

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