Light Damage Detector Tool for Hard Drives in Data Recovery

Light Damage Detector Tool (LDDT)

The Light Damage Detector Tool designed by will help you to have better and more accurate diagnosis of the visible plate of the face of a HDD.

Since the polution, holes, wells, scratches and dust, hide and camuflage under white LED light in the mirror plate of an HDD, specially with the cenital one of a laminar flow room, this special green light will help you to iluminate and make jump to the sight all the imperfections, even without a microscope! Know from the first moment what is the next step to follow and avoid unpleasant surprises. From changing a head, cleaning a plate, closing a disc or diagnosing whether the plate is scratched or not and more.

Is also a perfect tool to work on a laminar flow room with the HDD Platter Cleaner

The LDDT can be used in the dark and it can be moved around the disk at convenience in any moment of the diagnosis, this tool can be the difference between an unrecovereable disk and one that just need a cleaning service. Defects that before only were able to identificate under microscope, now it can be seen at simple sight.

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