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We Recover Data from SD flash cards, Micro SD and Pendrives

As of today, we work with the latest technology of hardware and software, and Electronic Engineers highly trained. This allows us to recover data of any SD card, memory, pendrive, etc. with physical or logical damage.

We Recover Data from devices with physical and logical damage such as:

recuperar archivos de un pendrive

Any Type of Pendrive

  • Standard Pendrive
  • Monolithic Pendrive
  • Mini Pendrive
recuperación de datos en Compact Flash

Flash Cards

  • Compact Flash
  • MMC micro card
recuperamos datos en Memory Stick

Memory Stick

  • Memory Stick Duo
  • Memory Stick PRO Duo
  • Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo
  • Memory Stick Micro M2
recuperar archivos tarjeta sd

SD Cards

  • SD
  • Micro SD
  • Mini SD
  • xD
  • SDHC
  • SDXC
  • SxS

For example, in the next video you can see part of the process ofrecovering data from a Micro SD card which presents physical damage. A similar process is done to recover data from an SD card.

As you may see in the video, we not only have the best software tools, we also have the best hardware tools, which allows us to make an impeccable recovery of physical failures in SD cards that no other laboratory can perform.

To access data, an engineer has to polish the card and weld tiny contacts of a Micro SD card. In the image below, you can see how one of our engineers welded the contacts of a Micro SD –which is no bigger than a penny– to manage to connect it to the hardware tool.

In the image below, you can see how an SD card is connected to an specialized equipment to recover the data of the memory, which has suffered a damage in the controller.

Last year in Prague, we acquired a revolutionary tool in which is not required a welded device to recover data, because it is done by contact. It is designed to make a connection between the different pins the Monolothics Flash Cards have, as its shown in the image below.

RecuperoDatos.com was the the only Laboratory of South America to assist to theconferences of Data Recovery in Prague last year and acquired this innovative implement to increase our success rate and lower the engineering hours spent in this complicated process.

Price List

Logical Damage in SD Cards, Micro SD, Pendrive or Compact Flash

You must be able to read and write on the device, if you can’t then it’s a Physical Damage.

For these cases, the Price = Capacity:
Devices Capacity:
   - 0 to 16GB – US$95
   - 32 to 64GB – US$135
   - 128 to 256 GB – US$195

Please take note that in these cases you pay in advance for the Scaning Service, not for the proper recovery. If nothing was found (like, for example, a virus deleted all of your files), the files you wanted to recover no longer exist, we found just a few or find some that are not what the client wants, the money will not be returned.

If the memory suffered from manipulation after formatting (or deleting the files), as we express in: How to proceed after formatting or deleting files, it’s probable that a part of the information you want to recover (or all of it), could be overwritten by new information. But, if the device wasn’t manipulated after the formatting (or file deletion) the chances of finding the information you want will increase.

Physical Damage in Pendrive, SD Card, Micro SD

Price = Base + Capacity + PinOut Research + Conditions

Base: US$95
   - 0 a 16GB – US$110
   - 32 a 64GB – US$170
   - 128 a 256 GB – US$250
PinOut Research: US$160
State of the Device: damaged by previous recovery attempts, extremely difficult cases, atypical cases, etc.: US$95

Example nº1:
MicroSD of 16GB and we have the PinOut
Price = US$95+ US$110 = US$205.-

Example nº2:
SD card of 32GB which we don’t have the PinOut
Price = US$95 + US$170 + US$160 = US$585.-

Note: PinOuts are not given to clients nor offered as a service apart.

Physical Damage in CFast devices (UFS) til 128GB: from US$350 to US$590

CFast devices use UFS memories. This technology is technically brand new, so it’s a little common to see them in Video Cameras and Professional Cameras, that shoot 4K.


What should I do if my flash card has been erased or formatted?

Never save new information. Your data will only be recoverable if it hasn’t been saved new information in the empty card. Once overwritten, it’s irreversible. Disconnect your device and request a diagnosis. This cases are included in the logical failures.

Why is my memory card not recognized?

If your memory card is not recognized by the Device Manager or Disk Management, we can confirm that your card has a Physical Damage. By the arquitecture of these devices, physhical failures can only appear because of electronic or controller problems. And they can only be treated in a Lab.

My memory card has suffered a blow/bent, how many chances there are?

The possibilities of recovery, in any case, exist if the internal memory chip –where your information is stored– hasn’t broke. The intervention in the laboratory is necessary, whereby we need to extract this chip and make a special process to recover your information.

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