Price List: Data Recovery of Hard Drives and other devices. -

Data Recovery Prices

For Internal Hard Drives and External Discs

Level 1
(Software Damage)
  • Virus

  • Accidental Format

  • Accidental File Deletion

  • Slight Sector Damage

  • Unknown Volume

  • SMART Errors

  • Free* (except if overwritten), 24 to 72hs.

Completion Time
  • 3 to 10 days (Normal Mode)

US$190 to US$500
Level 2
(Physical Damage)
  • Short Circuit, Overheating

  • Damaged PCB

  • Damaged Controller

  • Severe Sector Damage

  • Firmware Reprogramming

  • Lost or Missing components

  • Free*, 24 to 72hs.

Completion Time
  • 4 to 16 days (Normal Mode)

US$310 to US$680
Level 3
(Requires Clean Room)
  • Damaged Headers

  • Strange Noises (electrical, clicking and others)

  • Disc does not spin

  • Disc was previously opened

  • Disc was previously dropped

  • Moisture or spills

  • Free*, 48 to 72hs.

Completion Time
  • 7 to 25 days (Normal Mode)

US$430 to US$860

Other Media Devices and Services

Normal Service
Priority Service
Data Recovery Diskette, ZIP, CD, DVD US$45 US$160 US$300
Logical damage in: Pendrives, SD Cards, MicroSD Cards and Flash Memories US$170 US$500 US$680
Physical damage in: Pendrives, SD Cards, MicroSD Cards and Flash Memories US$300 US$740 US$1290
Tablets, Ipads US$375 US$900 Available on consultation
Mobile Phones (Not including WhatsApp) the process is 100% destructive US$675 US$1200 Available on consultation
Solid State Drives SSD (Physical failure) US$675 US$1200 US$1575
Logical failures in SAS and SCSI drives US$525 US$900 Available on consultation
Physical failures in SAS and SCSI drives US$675 US$1200 Available on consultation
NAS and Storage Systems with SATA disks up to 8TB US$1200 US$3600 Available on consultation
Servers with SATA disks in RAID up to 8TB US$1575 US$3900 Available on consultation
Servers with SAS and SCSI disks in RAID up to 8TB US$1575 US$5400 Available on consultation
Virtual servers (X virtual server) up to 1TB US$1350 US$3150 Available on consultation
Tapes Available on consultation Available on consultation Available on consultation
Other Services
Secure Data Deletion US$70 every 10GB US$70 every 7GB
Disk Cloning US$25 every 5GB US$30 every 5GB
Extra cost for added partition US$40 US$85
Extra cost for encrypted drives US$170 US$180

For each case, the device, once it enters our Certified Laboratory, will be assigned a UTN engineer with international training (not a simple technician), which in a maximum of 3 working days (or under 24hs in Priority Service mode) will prepare a report that will contain the cost and feasibility of recuperation.
We provide an online monitoring of the case, in which you can see the whole process (budget, assigned engineer, photos of your disk, etc.) from our website.


About the Diagnosis:

  • The diagnosis is not free for: Special services (express, priority, etc.), formatted disks, eliminated files or devices that were pre-manipulated.
  • The Priority Service (is a maximum of 24 hrs) and has a cost of US$55.
  • If the device has been pre-manipulated the diagnosis has a cost of US$55.
  • The diagnosis (like the recuperation process) for devices with monolithic memories: SD Cards, MicroSD Cards, CompactFlashes, Pendrives, Tablets, Ipads, Mobile Phones, etc. Are usually destructive See Example.
  • Keep in mind that devices generally withstand only one diagnosis.
  • WE DO NOT RECEIVE disks that come from other laboratories (the probabilty of success is almost 0%).

About the Completion Time:

  • The Normal Service estimates may vary.
  • The Normal Service generally takes up to 3 days, after obtaining any spare parts (if necessary).
  • The Priority Service is a maximum of 24 working hours. it costs 30% more than the listed price and you need to pay 50% up front (not refundable).
  • The Emergency Service (overnight, holidays and weekends)is identical to the Priority Service, but has a price increase of 30%

About the Data Recovery Prices:

  • You only pay the professional service fees IF 95% or more of the requested information is recovered (this does not apply to special services, formatted disks, deleted files) and does not include spare parts and/or donor drives (if necessary).
  • The Amount of information that you want to recover or that is stored in the device, does not influence the price (up to 1TB).
  • Prices according to capacity (or size) of the disk: The prices of the Price List for Hard Drives are up to 1TB.
     - The price of up to 2TB = Price List + 15%
     - The price of up to 3TB = Price List + 25%
     - The price of up 4TB = Price List + 40%
     - The price of up 6TB = Price List + 60%
  • It does not include parts and/or donor drives (If necessary).
  • It does not include the storage device of which you need to load the information. Both the recovered device, as well as the spare parts and/or donor drives (if necessary) are in most cases rendered useless.
  • Overwritten or logically damaged drives, ie: formatted, deleted files (or affected by viruses), deleted particions (missing or not visible), etc. are paid 100% up front for the "Scan Service", and is independant of a successful recovery.
  • If the device is pre-manipulated the price of the recuperation is the maximum on our price list.
  • It does not include IVA.
  • The prices may vary, because the recovery depends on:
    1. Make and Model: Some are no longer manufactured or are very rare. This increases its complexity not only when it comes to getting spare parts, but also the information that is available worldwide.
    2. Structure: If it is natively encrypted (eg some Western Digital external disks), or port type: SATA, USB (native), IDE, etc.
    3. Capacity: In some cases, it influences the transfer rate with which you can recover data. There are times that saving 10MB of memory can cost weeks of labour.
    4. Complexity of the Failure: Even for the same type of failure, for example, firmware; the complexities and times of solution can be very different.
    5. Quantity of Plates and Heads Readers: A 1TB disc that has 3 plates and 6 heads readers is significantly more complicated than a disc that has 1 plate and 2 head readers.
    6. File System: FAT32 (Windows 98), NTF (Windows 7, 8 y 10), EXT2/3/4 (Linux), HTFS (MAC), etc.
    7. Operating System: This affects the amount of necessary engineering hours since the operating system of a DVR is not the same as that of Windows 7.
    8. Mode: If you want in Normal, Priority or Emergency mode (work up to three shifts per day on the same case).
    9. Quantity of Information to Recover: Sometimes the amount of information to be recovered is proportional to the number of engineering hours.
    10. Types of Files to Recover and Amount: Sometimes the number of engineering hours depends on the number of file types that are requested to be recovered, or the type of file to rebuild.
    11. Confidentiality Agreements: If a confidentiality agreement is signed, then a complete erasure of all client data from our servers is completed after the recovery process is finished.
    12. Presentation: Bringing a hard drive in hand is different than bringing an entire laptop or computer, which would then need to be taken apart to access the hard drive at an extra cost.

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